Random thoughts on my first week of NaNoWriMo 2017

Kind of in order:

  • So far, so good. Not exactly hitting the recommended daily word count in the first three days. But hey, that’s what weekends are for, right? They’re for catching up.
  • Last time I did NaNo it took me three days to even start any writing. Don’t panic at this early stage.
  • Let’s see how my one and only writing buddy on NaNo is doing. OMG! How has she written over 9,000 words already? Doesn’t she work? Like at a full time job?
  • It’s Saturday! Writing vs Stranger Things = Writing won the first round. Excellent self control! Very uncharacteristic of me.
  • Writing vs Housework = Housework won. Still, word count increased a little bit.
  • Sunday is here, gonna set myself a personal goal of 4,000 words today. High fiving myself in advance like a true dork.
  • Nano writing buddy is approaching 10,000 words.
  • Just relax ok? Don’t panic. And stop comparing myself to others, I’m doing fine.
  • Have caught up and can probably sneak in a ep of ST later in the afternoon. (Or maybe not, I know what I’m like when I start watching a series I love. It’ll be 3am before I’ve finished ‘that one ep’, aka the whole season).
  • Jeez, she’s over 10,000 words now.
  • Stop looking at what someone else is doing and focus on my own writing. Not sure this ‘writing buddy’ thing is a good idea.
  • And the final word count for today is 4,043. Well done me.
  • Glass of wine. Maybe two.
  • Cheers.

Tanks for the Rain

I’m currently house and cat sitting for one of my friends who lives in a beautiful house in the beautiful mountains. There’s lots of beautiful birds everywhere, and the solitude is really beautiful.

But, her sole source of water is tank water. Now, I live in Brisbane and I was around when the big drought of 2007 was on. Or was it 2008? I can’t remember. Anyway, every household was issued with a suction cap 4 minute shower timer and we all had to limit our daily water usage to 140 litres or else the Water Police would fine you. Since then, I don’t think I’m one of those people who wastes water willy nilly.

However, I had a conundrum today about using the dishwasher. Do I use it or do I hand wash? It seems a bit wasteful when it’s just me, even though there are dishes in there from yesterday. In my household, I am the dishwasher, so it’s always a treat when I can press a button and a machine does this chore for me. But I didn’t want to waste water.

Having said that, it’s raining up here at the moment. Quite a lot and it has been for about a day. And I wondered how much rain it takes to actually fill a tank. I’m confident the tank isn’t 100% empty, otherwise last night’s shower was a mirage. So I turned to google.

I selected the very first search result. I’m a busy girl and I have no time for complicated water-related research. The good people from http://www.envirowatertanks.com.au gave me the following information in their FAQ’s section:

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 12.34.27 pm.jpg

This means absolutely nothing to me when I have no idea how big the tank is or what the surface area of the roof is. And I have no way of measuring the volume of rainfall. So I’m just going to trust that the tank is already pretty full and today’s rain is just topping things up.

And I used the dishwasher.

The Master (of Procrastination)

I can waste an entire day, nay week, procrastinating on what I should be doing. This is not something I’m proud of, nor is it any kind of lifestyle one should be aspiring to. It’s just the way I am. Or rather, the way I am but don’t want to be and yet find myself falling into day after day because it’s familiar. It’s easy and I know how to do it. And I’m very good at it.

I should be writing. I know this. And now you know this too, by way of my admission just now. But how, I ask, can I spend my day writing when there’s that all important best score of mine to top on Solitaire? I mean, really. What’s more important in life? It was pure exhilaration when I shaved one move off my all time best last Tuesday. I should delete this app…

After recently forking out thousands of dollars on veterinary specialist fees for my cat (who is getting better, thanks for asking), my vacation away this year has turned into a stay-cation. Perfect for writing, no? Well, I’ve gotten some writing done, I’m happy to announce. Mainly planning and researching and arranging scraps of paper and post-it notes into semi-logical order in preparation for NaNoWriMo.

I have a few more days off work and now that I have decided which story idea to run with – thanks to the seven participants in my blind twitter poll – ‘Option B’ is now being shaped into ‘Untitled Story’. Sounds riveting, right? Don’t worry, I’ll probably run another twitter poll for the actual title.

In the meantime, I have spam emails to delete and cat gifs to peruse.

images.jpeg *

* I kinda do, a little.

Online shopping


I find it strange that I couldn’t buy this book about walking in Brisbane in the city I live in, which is Brisbane. There wasn’t a copy to be found in any of the bookstores. And I looked. I had to order it online from a company in the UK and have it shipped to me. Now I love online shopping, but surely I should be able to buy a book about Brisbane in Brisbane.

Yet, retail shops are all up in arms about Amazon setting up their online store in Australia later this year. If only there was a way for locals businesses to provide the goods that their customers actually want, instead of providing what they think we want. Or what they want us to want. I wonder if Amazon will sell more than just books on the new online store? Hmmm…

Anyway, the book is great and I discovered some new things about my city.

My Inner Child

There is an inner child inside me. I suspect there’s one inside everyone but sometimes my inner child is hiding, or is too scared to come out and play lest it be laughed at and judged. I’ve been trying to encourage my inner child to play out in the open a bit more. Why should everyone else’s inner child have all the fun?

My inner child made an appearance the other night when I was brushing my teeth. I’d forgotten to plug in the charger to my electric toothbrush and the battery was getting pretty low. The sound it made was a deep, low buzzing sound. Before I knew it, my inner child was belting out a terrible impression of Tibetan throat singing to match the low pitch of the toothbrush.

I thought it was hilarious. My cat just looked at me like I’d lost my mind. I reminded him that I once saw him fall off the top platform of his scratching post cause he was trying to catch his own tale. He walked away. That’ll teach him to judge the Food Provider for having fun.