Hiking Holiday

In the spirit of my previous post, I have been busy making plans, setting goals, etc. One of my goals for the next 12 months is to travel. But I don’t want to just travel in the sense of showing up to some exotic or popular location, taking a few touristy photos and returning home, ticking this ‘somewhere’ off my bucket list. I want to push myself and do something a little bit challenging.

Last year, before my cat got sick, I’d made very loose plans to hike The Overland Track in Tasmania. These very loose plans involved buying a book on the subject and looking at the photos.

Overland Track Book

This time I’m going to actually do it. In April of 2019, in fact.

This particular date has been carefully selected based on the kinds of scenery I can expect to see during this time and the weather that the area can expect during autumn. That, and these dates are available at work for me to book my annual leave, which I have done.

Registration for track passes opens on July 1st and I will have 10 months to get myself ready 🙂

Online shopping


I find it strange that I couldn’t buy this book about walking in Brisbane in the city I live in, which is Brisbane. There wasn’t a copy to be found in any of the bookstores. And I looked. I had to order it online from a company in the UK and have it shipped to me. Now I love online shopping, but surely I should be able to buy a book about Brisbane in Brisbane.

Yet, retail shops are all up in arms about Amazon setting up their online store in Australia later this year. If only there was a way for locals businesses to provide the goods that their customers actually want, instead of providing what they think we want. Or what they want us to want. I wonder if Amazon will sell more than just books on the new online store? Hmmm…

Anyway, the book is great and I discovered some new things about my city.