Last Week of NaNoWriMo – Thoughts

Soooo…I’m not going to make it, okay.

I deliberately took the last Friday of November off work so that I could spend a solid long weekend finishing this challenge early, and basking in the glory of the NaNo parade, sipping champagne from my NaNo mug while I finally get to indulge in Stranger Things, etc., etc.

But when I sat down yesterday morning to write, it suddenly became a case of “crap, now I have to write 25,000 words in the space of three days”. This didn’t sound like fun to me. In fact, it reminded me way too much of how my Honours thesis panned out a few years ago. And that certainly wasn’t fun in any way. I still have nightmares.

And so, I’ve decided to hang up my NaNo Hat for 2017. I’m not quitting writing this project I’m working on – which, in the NaNo frenzy has worked itself into an unrecognisable messy beast of words – but I will be stepping back, maybe pulling the story apart, picking out what I like about it and tossing the rest away. And then I’ll continue writing.

Congrats to all who made it to 50,000!!

I did it two years ago, so I know I can do it. But just not this year. And that’s okay.


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