Random thoughts on my first week of NaNoWriMo 2017

Kind of in order:

  • So far, so good. Not exactly hitting the recommended daily word count in the first three days. But hey, that’s what weekends are for, right? They’re for catching up.
  • Last time I did NaNo it took me three days to even start any writing. Don’t panic at this early stage.
  • Let’s see how my one and only writing buddy on NaNo is doing. OMG! How has she written over 9,000 words already? Doesn’t she work? Like at a full time job?
  • It’s Saturday! Writing vs Stranger Things = Writing won the first round. Excellent self control! Very uncharacteristic of me.
  • Writing vs Housework = Housework won. Still, word count increased a little bit.
  • Sunday is here, gonna set myself a personal goal of 4,000 words today. High fiving myself in advance like a true dork.
  • Nano writing buddy is approaching 10,000 words.
  • Just relax ok? Don’t panic. And stop comparing myself to others, I’m doing fine.
  • Have caught up and can probably sneak in a ep of ST later in the afternoon. (Or maybe not, I know what I’m like when I start watching a series I love. It’ll be 3am before I’ve finished ‘that one ep’, aka the whole season).
  • Jeez, she’s over 10,000 words now.
  • Stop looking at what someone else is doing and focus on my own writing. Not sure this ‘writing buddy’ thing is a good idea.
  • And the final word count for today is 4,043. Well done me.
  • Glass of wine. Maybe two.
  • Cheers.

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